Annual Treasurers Report

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The Treasurer’s Report is required by law to be published once a year in a newspaper of local circulation. The report summarizes financial condition and revenues, and lists expenditures made by the City for services, commodities, wages, equipment, and supplies during the fiscal year. It is a snap shot in time and caution should be used when trying to compare year to year. Often expenditures do not fall neatly and evenly into fiscal years. Often times retirement payouts required by law of accumulated vacation or sick time inflate gross wage numbers. A more sophisticated and informed review of the detail the report is based on is required to make meaningful comparisons.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Annual Treasurer’s Report, please contact the Director of Finance. 

2016-2017 Annual Treasurer’s Report

2015-2016 Annual Treasurer’s Report

 2014-2015 Annual Treasurer’s Report

 2013-2014 Annual Treasurer’s Report

 2012-2013 Annual Treasurer’s Report

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