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Frequently Asked Questions


Zoning Office

Jim Nagel
100 West 4th Street
Waterloo, Illinois 62298

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icon-phone 618.939.8600 ext. 208


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Forms are also available at City Hall

Do I need a building permit for a patio or a driveway?

How about a fence? A building permit is not required for a driveway or patio as long as the patio is not covered. The City of Waterloo does not issue building permits for fences; however, JULIE should be called at 811 or 800.892.0123 to have the utilities located before any digging. In addition, the owner should be aware that Illinois Case Law protects the right to access public easements, so a fence placed in an easement is at the owner’s risk.

Do I need a building permit for my above-ground swimming pool?

What about an in-ground pool? Yes, if the pool is over 24 inches deep. (Pools also require a 48 inch high barrier.)

What is the zoning for a particular lot?

The Zoning Map may be viewed or downloaded from this site, or maps may be viewed in the Zoning Office at City Hall.

How do I find my property corners? Can you help me locate them?

The corners are marked with iron pins in most cases. A metal detector may be helpful in locating the corners. If this is unsuccessful, a surveyor can locate the property corners for a fee. The City does not have surveying capabilities and cannot assist in locating the corners.

My neighbor has brought some dirt in or has moved some dirt around and now the water ponds in my back yard. Will the City force him to correct it?

These are normally referred to as “neighborhood squabbles”. If the disagreement cannot be settled amicably between the two neighbors, legal action may be the only resort. The City does not get involved in these disagreements.

There are high weeds on the lot next to me. Who do I call?

The City’s ordinances require weeds over 8 inches tall to be cut. Report it to the City of Waterloo Police Dept. if the lot has a house or building on it. If the lot is vacant and not developed, report it to the Zoning Office.

I want to erect a sign for my business. Do I need a permit? How big can the sign be?

Sign Permits are required for all business signs in the City of Waterloo. In general, the size permitted is 1 square foot of sign area for each lineal foot of building frontage. The sign language in the Zoning Code is complicated, and it is advisable to call the Zoning Office for each application.

I want to operate a business from my home. Do I have to do anything?

A Special Use Permit for a Home Occupation is required. These may be granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Applications are available for downloading on this website or in the Zoning Office.

Are there any restrictions on where I put my detached garage or shed in my back yard?

Setback requirements for each zoning district are shown in Section 40-2-3 (A), Area and Bulk Regulations, of the Zoning Code. It may be viewed at this website.

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