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In August, you were notified that Illinois American Water would begin its annual free chlorine flushing.  During the flushing period, chlorine alone was used as a disinfectant.  Most of the year, our disinfectant is a combination of chlorine and ammonia.  This temporary change in disinfectant is necessary to ensure that the quality of the water in the distribution system remains at its usual standards.

On Tuesday, October 2nd , we will be switching back to our normal disinfectant, which is chlorine and ammonia combined.  This is especially important information for renal care patients.  The switch may take over a week to reach certain areas that are located at the ends of the distribution system. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

We appreciate your cooperation each year during this flushing event.

Ian Rischmiller

Water Quality Supervisor

Office: 617-874-2403

Cell:  309-208-0196    

Fax:  618-874-0948

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