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IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Metering System

The City of Waterloo is transitioning to a new metering system for electric, water and gas. This updated technology will allow the City to read meters electronically and provide better services to our customers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better, more timely information
  • Improved customer service, questions answered in real-time
  • Improved outage response time
  • Restoration verification without inconvenient callbacks
  • Facilitation of move-ins/move-outs in real-time

There will be no rate increase to our customers as a result of this new technology.
City employees will be installing the new equipment and new meters in all households and businesses beginning in May 2018. This process will take awhile and we will continue to provide updates. You will be notified when each meter is changed at your home by a door hanger, letting you know that the installation was successful.

For questions or more information, please call us at 939-8600 ext. 216.