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The City of Waterloo provides sanitary sewer services through its state-of-the-art sewer treatment facility. Our sewer operators are fully trained and certified to meet the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Plant Operations

Our sewer treatment facility is designed to handle:

  • 2.086 million gallons of wastewater
  • 4,588 gallons of biochemical oxygen demand
  • 5,214 gallons of raw sewage daily.

The current usage of the plant is 45% hydraulically and 30% organically.

Sewer Mains

The Sewer Department maintains approximately 75 miles of mains. We are responsible for the sewer mains, but not the sewer laterals. In an effort to maintain an effective sewer system, all sanitary sewer mains are televised and cleaned on a rotation basis and lift stations are closely monitored on a weekly schedule.

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