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The City of Waterloo furnishes electric service through the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA). Waterloo’s Electric Department works hard to make sure you receive electricity safely and reliably. 


D-ElectricThe Distribution Line Crew maintains approximately 40 miles of overhead wire, over 30 miles of underground wire and over 2500 transformers. The City is responsible for your electric service up to the meter.

In an outage, our highly trained work force is dedicated to restoring power no matter what hour or weather condition.  The City of Waterloo is committed to ensuring power is restored as quickly and safely as possible. If needed, the City of Waterloo has agreements with out-of-town utility crews to bring in extra assistance.

Power Plant

Since 1901, the City has owned and operated a Power Plant that not only has the capability of producing electric for its residents during peak demand times, but due to a new state-of-the-art Gas Turbine Engine, allows the City to operate independently during an interruption of incoming power. Power Plant generation also allows the City to produce electric for sale on the open market through the IMEA.

Customer Information

To establish service, residents must apply and pay a deposit at City Hall. Security deposits are refunded automatically after twelve months of consecutive timely payments. When an account is closed, the deposit is applied to the final balance. For customers who do not have a balance, a payment refund check is issued. Residents are required to notify City Hall when closing out an account.

For more information, call 939.8600 and press zero to speak to the Business Office.

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